Did you AbcFz.com today? - Latest blog entries http://paintings.abcfz.com/index.php/abcfz-blog/latest.html Sun, 05 Mar 2017 04:36:09 -0900 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-us Alaska AbcFz.com Summer and servers http://paintings.abcfz.com/index.php/abcfz-blog/entry/alaska-abcfz-com-summer-and-servers.html http://paintings.abcfz.com/index.php/abcfz-blog/entry/alaska-abcfz-com-summer-and-servers.html On this wonderful summer days we have something good happened into AbcFz.com We being invited to several meetings and discuss financial and other tasks. More interesting... The weather in AK is very different this days, is really hot! While big duds servers overheating, our servers still runnung! Yey

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